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JAKA Robotics was founded in 2014, stands for “Just Always Keep Amazing”.
It is a high - tech company aiming at innovation and R&D for new generation of cobots and smart factory.
JAKA Robotics has inherited the accumulation and genes of technology since 1979 from Robotics Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and built a R&D department with strong scientific research ability organized by over 10 leading experts and 100 senior engineers. Innovative breakthroughs have been made in many applications such as drive control integration, integral joints, free-drive programming, wireless connection, etc.. JAKA has continuously led the trend of robotics development.

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At present JAKA has launched several series of cobots: JAKA Zu ® series (general version, force control S version), JAKA All - in - one series, JAKA Lens series. These versatility and flexible characteristics can be easily used in industrial, commercial, services and other fields to meet the demand of various application scenarios.
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Industry Application


JAKA Zu S-series cobots APP software are equipped with force control module, which can be directly set the safe force value and automatically identify payload. Real time displaying force value convenient different application requirements of setting up control parameters. And the constant force or speed mode can be selected in JAKA App.

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JAKA Lens 2D integrated with high-resolution 2D camera, equipped with specialized light source module and optional camera Lens, provides users with comprehensive functions and experience of 2D vision. Professional industrial design makes it compact and portable, and exquisite in appearance. 2D vision function can be realized by external fixed installation and installed at the end of the mechanical arm.

Example Videos
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