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Lesta Srl was established in 2010 and is located in the north-west area of Italy just 10 km away from Malpensa airport and 20 km from the center of Milan. Two Lesta founders, realized the need for improvements in the field of industrial robotics in coating services. With knowledge, hard work and many years of experience they managed to make Lesta a reference company for the industrial coating in Europe and Worldwide.

Lesta Srl carries out its activities in an industrial warehouse of 1000 sq m divided to offices, laboratories and warehouses.

It presents itself as an established player in the industrial robotics market for painting/spraying/coating liquid and powder applications. Lesta provides industry leading technical advice, training, specification consultancy and support on all our products and systems. 

Lesta also supplies complete working stations with an automated loading system, including rotation unit, robot, controller, software, coating equipment, unloading system for metal rollers and many more.

Our long employed Lesta team, are people who are passionate about the industry and the services we provide. Our work harmony and friendly environment, desire for innovation and passion for the industry, means that today Lesta Srl is a solid company with a continuously growing customer base and our product range suitable for all spraying needs.

Since 2017 Lesta has been named KUKA's official partner.

The painting robots made by Lesta srl are highly sophisticated machines but at the same time of immediate use and management, dedicated to industrial painting applications. They can be programmed in direct self-learning and / or 3D point-to-point (even offline).

Self-learning is the most efficient solution in the field of industrial painting. During the programming phase the operator moves the robot arm (appropriately balanced and so as to be agile and light) and acts on the opening and adjustment of the spray guns. All movements and control signals of the guns are faithfully recorded and stored in the robot control. The operator therefore paints the desired piece, immediately assessing the result of spraying. The painter's experience is thus converted into a program for the robot. In this way, in a short time, the component will be ready for the production phase, starting from the saved painting program.

IA wide selection of accessories and software options allow us to customize our machines with the most different characteristics.



A compact solution for drawers, boxes and wooden

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