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G.D.Robotic Systems

Engineering the future

All under one roof - Experts in Mechanical Systems - manufacturing and engineering in-house + the best brands. Robotic systems, automation of production processes, development and construction of machines, construction of prototypes, integration and project management, accompaniment from the characterization stage to full system operation!

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Why Us?


The uncompromising quality and attention to the smallest details.


It's not just a word - every satisfied customer builds up our reputation and we consider it very important


Innovation is indeed extremely important in the automation industry, but manufacturers do not always need an innovative solution. Maybe you need a simple, easy and cheap solution for your products.

Technical skills:

Experience and knowledge in the various industries (we do not know every type of industry, so it can not be said that we have experience and knowledge in your industry - because we do not know what your industry is), understanding of technical standards, experience in the field and integration of external consultants (we do not really know everything ... and with the help of our connections and seniority in the industry of over 25 years, we know who to turn to when specific point knowledge in niche things is needed.

Supply Chain

Today more than ever, when designing custom machinery, integrator needs excellent collaboration with their supply chain.


Price is important, but not only. Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) are  critical financial elements.

Personal acquaintance:

Building automation is really a complex process and you need to be sure who you are giving training and budget to carry out a project. Not every supplier knows how to work with a heavy industry, we have many years of experience and record to give you the peace of mind required to implement a new system in the factory.


Knowledge is power. Creativity and experience provide appropriate solutions to unconventional problems.

Industry 4.0

Machine vision, external databases, archives and a combination of many other data sources

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