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JINAN HAOYU AUTOMATION SYSTEM CO., LTD is a welding machinery maker in China. Which have a strong design and technical team and can design and manufacture the machines as customer’s requirements.Main products include automatic welding machine, robot welding station and automatic assembling machine, which are used in the areas of automobile, construction, railway vehicle, electric power, shipbuilding, pressure container, petrochemical, house appliances and military industry, etc.

G.D.Robotic Systems is the exclusive distributor of HAOYU systems in Israel.
Square seam tank welding machine

Tank Welding Machine is used to complete the automatic square seam welding of AI/steel fuel tank with its applicable tank length being 500-2240mm.

tank welding machine.webp
Steel fuel tank MIG automatic welding machine GD-3-01
Tank automatic welding machine_edited.png
Double Circular Seam Welding Machine for Tanks

Perform the automatic welding for the double circular seams on the inner tank of water heater. Ensure the location dimensions of the workpiece uniform, positioning automatically, convenient and reliable to use, welding quality meets the requirements, clamping fast and convenient.

  • Functions and specification:

  1. Automatic welding machine can weld stainless steel and carbon steel water heater.

  2. Welding torch is fixed while workpiece rotating. Welding position is horizontal. The workpiece is clamped tightly by fixture at two ends and rotates.

  3. Two welding torches and two power sources work simultaneously to improve work efficiency.

  4. PLC is adopted to control the machine to run and speed is adjusted by AC servo, which can improve the reliability of the equipment.

  5. Adopts end face positioning and pneumatically clamping mode.

  6. Human-machine interface to alter the parameters. The welding time and weld length can be set via the interface. The alteration of the parameters can be input through the touch button conveniently and timely. Parameters can be stored and called.

  7. Automatic dust-extraction device to purify the environment.

Parameters table_edited.png
longitudinal seam welder
Longitudinal seam welding machine


  1. MIG/TIG welding for steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. Weld longitudinal seam on round and square tank automatically.

  2. Weld longitudinal seam on cylinder, air tank, water tank, fuel tank, etc.

  3. MIG welding with wire feeder.

  4. Machine can work continuously for 24-hour.

  5. Japan OMRON PLC and touch screen.

  6. Water-cooling system and self-shielding welding system.

  7. Pneumatic clamping.

  8. Tank is fixed, welding torch moves along the guide rail.


longitudinal-seam-welder parameters_edited.png
hydraulic cylinder automatic machine welding

Automatic Welding Machine for hydraulic cylinder end caps/plugs

Complete surfacing circular seam of hydraulic cylinder automatically. With MAG welding process.


Machine Feature

  1. Welding torch is fixed while workpiece is rotating, welding position is horizontal.

  2. Hydraulic cylinder is clamped and rotary by fixture and supported by universal ball bracket.

  3. The welding machine has high voltage and slow wire feeding performance, which guarantees reliable arc igniting. Machine also has low welding voltage and low current for filling crater.

  4. Welding machine adopts push-type wire feeding mode, to guarantee feeding stability.

  5. Welding torch can moves longitudinally to complete the whole welding.

  6. PLC controls the whole machine operation. Workpiece rotation speed is adjusted by inverter, step-less adjustment, to improve the reliability.

  7. The welding mode and welding specification can be preset, saved and recalled. Via touch man-machine interface, it is convenient to modify the parameter and switch the status through the man-machine touch screen.

  8. Welding torch can be adjusted up and down, left and right and angled turn to meet welding requirement.

hydraulic cylinder automatic machine welding table
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