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  • Well-knit design makes the robot body more slender than other same level
    product,so it is more flexible even in a small space, also keep a very low rate of collision with surrounding devices.

  • Maximum reach 915 mm.

  • Lighter structure design than other same level product, so it is easy to install
    inside a system or to mount upside -down

  • High rigidity arm and top level servo control technology guarantee the
    smoothness and stability while the movement.

  • Rated payload 6 kg, easily applied in multi application.

  • Built-in cable, no more catheter and cable twisting on the arm. Leak-proof
    structure,can be applied in dust and oil-mist environment.

CRP-09-06 Flange.png
CRP-09-06 motion.png
CRP-09-06 illustration.png
CRP-09-06 tech.png
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